Smart charging is the future

The smart charging module and environment developed by BroadBit creates an end-to-end connection between the electric vehicle and the charging point.


The charging process for electric cars has reached a new milestone. In addition to the simple charging that has been commonly used so far, the concept of smart charging has appeared, which has many new and expanded functions. Smart charging will be supported by all electric cars on the road in the next few years.

Smart charging is enabled by two globally supported standards families, ISO/IEC–15118 and OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). The family of standards entitled ISO/IEC–15118: “Road vehicles – Vehicle and electrical network communication interface” defines the digital, IP-based communication interface between the electric vehicle (EV) and the charging station (EVSE). The mentioned standard enables a user-friendly “Plug & Charge” charging mechanism with the help of authentication, identification, settlement and flexible electricity control procedures.

Communications and control implementation

EV – Charging Point interface implementation compliant to the ISO/IEC 15118 protocol stack

Charging Point – CPO interface implementation compliant to the OCPP protocol

Data mapping between interfaces, database integration

Porting and integration support for embedded platforms

Support for both AC and DC chargers

Standards-compliant EV authentication

Compliance testing support for charging stations, with EV side emulation

Bi-directional charging support under development

How it works

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